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Ever since the global pandemic started, the trend towards working remotely has accelerated. Although, trend such as working remotely, modern workspace and virtual meeting has been develop way before but the pandemic definitely gives it a push. As companies change in shape and sized, coworking spaces provides the opportunity to easily up or down scale companies team.



A daily office space rental is basically purchasing a day pass to be used in the coworking space. This is the most affordable way to be able to work and meet your budget. This is especially suitable for startups and freelancers, even for companies that are looking for temporary office. This way companies can avoid the contract commitment and pay a flat monthly payment. In Crossroads Coworking space, there won’t be security deposits, utilities, internet bills, maintenance fee and office furniture. Moreover, coworking space are prep with business printer, binders, laminator and many more office supplies which you can save up. Besides, a coworking space normally comes with meeting room usage included in the package. You can meet you clients in a professional environment and avoid paying extra. A meeting room in Crossroads Coworking Space cost RM45 per hour or RM300 per day.


Daily pass gives the flexibility to book the space any time of the week in short notice. Whether you’re a business traveler or a freelance, renting an office space give you and your client a professional space and staying productive. This flexibility allows companies to station at a workspace without getting in hassle of traditional contracts yet still able to enjoy benefits in term of amenities and facilities.


Many freelancers choose to work in a noisy coffee shop without considering the option of working in a coworking space. With a daily office rental, you can improve your productivity by taking advantage of the features of the dedicated workspace. Crossroads Coworking Space amenities include high speed internet, printing, meeting rooms, facilities like gym, sauna and swimming pool. There’s many more for you to find out yourself.


As virtual meeting like zoom and discord has settle into a routine for home working. Renting a meeting room by hour provides a good impression with a professional set up so many freelance and startups that work from home.

Safety priority workspace

In response to global pandemic that is still ongoing, Crossroads coworking space have been practicing more intensive sanitization in the workspace. Signage to guide users around to promote social distancing are implement. Temperature check and registration are laid-out before entering the workspace. Prices for Coworking space daily rental are at RM25.00 nett.

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