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Many questioned, is it time to return to the normalcy? As the batches of vaccines have distributed around the cities of Malaysia, we begun to see a light at the end of tunnel. The states of Selangor hospital bed usage has gone down by 50% thanks to the vaccinations and participants. Some said we need to stay grounded till its all over, where as some said we have to live with the virus.

Looking back on the past months or even past year during the lockdown, people would crave for face-to-face interaction. We acknowledge this as everytime the lockdown is lifted, they would assemble family gathering, parties, sports events and this might lead to the rise of Covid-19 cases. As the result of vaccinated populations, how can we move forward in fighting this virus?

Solutions are believed to lie in giving employees the flexibility to return to office in a safe practice matter. Heading back to office can be done safely by following the safety measure. Well. By giving workers the flexibility to return to office even just two or three days a week, this may reduce the negative effects on those who work full-time remotely as well as the productivity of given task. More pressingly, the mental health of employees may be affected.

In recent weeks, a new sop has been implemented where by fully vaccinated people are allowed to dine-in at the restaurant and allowed to shop in available essential stores and services. Tho, many restaurant still refuse to allow dine-in and many citizens still preferred staying home. Optimistically, in several more months, the vaccinated rate would have gone up and it is time to plan ahead. Businesses and companies should always focus on creating office space that prioritize safety, implement social distancing and allow flexible work arrangements and ready to welcome back their employees.

With all the work force returning back to office, business and economies may revive once again to normalcy.

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