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In Vida Bukit Ceylon, we wish to deliver vibes where work and play collides. The office unit in Vida mostly comes in dual key, this enable tenants or guest to utilize the office space proactively. The main entrance open to the office area which has a bigger square footage where by the side entrance open to the bed room area which comes with separate bathroom as well as a build in wardrobe. The office layout in Vida comes in variety options, bare unit and fully furnished unit. This enable tenant to have option to design the unit by their own liking. Tenants that wish to move in as quick are encourage to choose the furnished office unit.


Vida is located in a prime location right in the centre of bukit bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Locate your office here not only give your company a prestige business address, it gives your business a credibility and acquire respectability. Another important aspect of a business location is to be able to provide access for both clients and employees. City centres are all well connected with public transport that runs regular and efficiently. The nearest MRT station is only 7-minute walk away.


Vida office building is built-in with Samjung elevator parking system. It supplied the most convenient and highly efficient system whereby vehicles are protected from the weather and the system is highly secure. Vida in Spanish also means life, we appreciate work life balance and wish to bring lifestyle to work environment. Vida is equipped with facilities like gymnasium, sauna & swimming pool. This facilities is to encourage our tenant and guest to always find the balance in work.


Not only facilities are provided in this building, there are also other amenities such like event space, fitness studio, coworking space & short term stay. Some of these amenities will help tenant to work more efficiently for instance holding a meeting, workshop or an event in the same building where their office is located. Coworking space are another bonus for tenant who wish to meet client in a proper business setting aside from their personal office. The fitness studio here in vida adds another element to the work life balance and there are classes such as Kickboxing, Yoga, Muayhit & many more.

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