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1. Budget Allocation

The cost of a long term rental for an office space is always to be plan ahead including the deposits, cost of internet, cost of utilities, legal fees if needed. By setting a budget into planning your new office space help to serve better for your business in a long run.

2. Location

Choosing a location may varies for different businesses. Taking into account if located your business space in the city centre will bring better benefit for your business. A city centric location brings business credibility which brings your branding to a higher respectable perception to others in compare to a rural area. Transport links provide easy access for both your workspace and clients convenient.

3. Capacity

To make sure your desire space will be able to accommodates your number of people comfortably. In addition to the current social distance needed, you might want to consider getting a bigger space for your employees to be able to social distance. A long term office space might go from 1 to 3 years contract therefore planning for your future growth increasing of employees should be considered.

4. Desired Concept Design

Office space comes in different layout such as bare, renovated or completely furnish. To know your concept is crucial in office space planning.

· Analysing floor plan

· Open concept or traditional concept

· Meeting table size

· Pantry area

· Hot desk or Dedicated desk

· Activity-based workspace

5. Building Features

The features provided in the building will affect your working environment and functionality

· Café in the lobby

· Gymnasium

· Sauna

· Swimming Pool

· Rooftop Restaurant Bar

· Event Space

· Fitness Studio

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