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Workout class you can find in Vida Bukit Ceylon

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Fitness & Gym

Studio fitness is the best way to work out. Small group classes focus on specific activities or parts of the body and are taught by best-in-class instructors. You’ll be coached through a programmed workout designed to maximize efficiency and deliver results, all while being supported and motivated by a group. It’s working out, taken to the next level.

Vida fitness studio is the new gym and studio in the KL city center, covering from yoga, kick boxing, muay hiit, fat blaster, body circuit and muscle blaster. If your motivation is running a little low, why not try a new class or get into a group class to get your sweat glands active. Whether you’re a workaholic who bounces yourself into office every morning high on endorphins or a gym junkie after work, there’s something for everyone. We have all the class you need here located right in bukit bintang which is convenient for you fellow’s workout junkies to drop by for an hour or two rather than hitting the high traffic road home.

We have industrial style gym design which is built to inspire anyone who enter our spaces. Our fitness studio is located at level 18 of Vida Bukit Ceylon. We also providing you with the equipment and space necessary to pursue limitless fitness opportunities. Whether you’re looking to take on that long ride in a cycle, jump into the day’s and meet up with your personal trainer, or just do your own thing, you’ll feel right at home with us at our Fitness Studio.


The aim is to target your whole body muscle with dynamic compound exercise and also muscle-specific movement. There are few circuit, each circuit involved different exercise where it is going to go

station by station until you finished the last station. It is very effective to raise up your metabolism, endurance as well as strength.


If you love Martial Arts and Intensive Full Body Workout, Muay HIIT is definitely your choice! A mixture of Muay Thai Martial Arts Action and High Intensity Interval Training of Endurance together with Weight Exercises allow you to train each and every muscle of your body!

Kick Boxing , Vida Bukit Ceylon KL


Want to get your body toned without involving much exhaustive exercises? Consider joining Kickboxing classes with us today as the class utilized mainly technique-focused and muscle building program. You will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of Kickboxing yet able to build your muscles.


Fat blaster goals is to help you to burn the fat not only during exercising and also after the session. That's called after burn effect where it is simply additional energy expenditure that occur after exercise. It is effective to help you to burn more calories after you completed the session!


Yoga involves physical, mental and spiritual practices which are said to help us in staying calm and relax through meditations. Our yoga instructor are now here guiding the students to perform techniques of controlling the body alongside with the mind.

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