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How to get back to office efficiently after a long lockdown period

Coming to over a year of covid-19 existence, a large scale remote working was implemented across whole Malaysia. Many workforce is still working from home or working alternately depending on the capacity of the companies. As many businesses and companies are looking forward as plans to lift up the lockdown restriction. Both employers and employees are preparing to go back to the office however since it has been many months of working remotely. It could lead to both stressful and exciting to returning back to the office.

1. Accepting the new normal

To keep safe is the most important aspect, that is why working remotely are highly implemented. As both employers and employees are coping with how to work remotely and at the office, whether employees are working from home or the office must always be diligent to their work task. Important aspect to keep the organizations moving forward is to have the desire to work forward as well as communicate with other parties. As communication might be a huge yet important factor. Companies are noticeably reaching out to check with the employees to see if they’re doing fine in a regular basis. Developing a new mindsets and behaviours toward this new form of working can do a good help towards companies as well.

2. Learning stress management techiniques

Stress management is especially important during this time forward. If you’re struggling with stress and poor work life balance. Vida Bukit Ceylon will be the perfect workspace for you as Vida provides facilities such as gymnasium, hot sauna, swimming pool and fitness studio with classes like kickboxing and yoga. These activities does not only helps with work life balance but plays a big part in strengthening emotional resilience. This is the lifestyle vibe that Vida Bukit Ceylon wish to bring to their owners & tenants.

3. Support activities

While adapting to the new normal, it can be a help to set your mind to be engaged in something enjoyable. Another score for Vida bukit ceylon as the building is located in right in the crossroads of Changkat Bukit Bintang. Grabbing a drink , munching on the street food or getting a foot massage is just across the street. To find an activities outside of work during breaks or after work hours can keep you motivated and clear your mind. Improve your emotional stress eventually can benefit your work performance, it’s a win win situation.

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