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Event Space (2400 Sqft)

About This Venue

Looking for an inspired meeting space? Look no further than our 22nd floor - which is entirely dedicated to hosting all your meeting and event needs. 

Our rental packages are all-inclusive and so you don’t need to worry about additional incidentals. 

  • The space is equipped with a full audio system, projector, stationary and drinking water

  • Configuration of space is fully customisation to suit your event needs

  • Ample and affordable parking spots 

  • Additional event services available such as catering from our in house-cafe or other catering partners. Charges for services may apply


Price includes
Superfast Wi-Fi, smart TVs, whiteboard to write on, flipchart and natural light, stationery and water

Items included are:

  • Large Screen Motorized Projector

  • High speed Wifi

  • PA Sound System

  • Tables & Chairs

  • Paper & Pencil

  • Drinking Water

Type of table setting :

table setting.jpg

Maximum pax can fit depends on the table setting :

Banquet Style : 100pax

U-shape Style : 60pax

Conference Style : 50pax

Theatre Style : 150pax

Classroom Style : 70pax

Theatre style

Similar to seating found in theatres or cinemas, this style has chairs arranged in rows all facing front.

Depending on the desired layout and quantity of seats, empty columns or aisles can be placed to divide the rows. This allows for easier access to seats situated in the middle of a row.

Theatre style is ideal for presentations or events where extensive note taking, writing, or laptop use is not expected.

Classroom style

Similar to theatre style, but seats are paired with tables to allow for extensive writing, note taking, or computer use.

This style is good for trainings and conferences.

U-shape Style

Chairs are arranged in the shape of the letter U, with 5 outer sides available for seating facing inwards. One side is open that can be used for presentation setup.

Unlike classrom style setup, the U-shape setup allows for easier interaction between the presenter and individual attendees, as well as discussions between attendees.


Typical setup for small to medium sized discussions. This usually consists of a rectangular table setup, with the shorter sides normally having 1 seat each.

Banquet / Dinner Style

Banquet style simulates a round dinner table and breaks up attendees into smaller groups. This setup encourages conversation and interaction among attendees in the same table as they all face each other.

This setup is ideal for informal events dinners, weddings and parties.


24 Hours Security

Smooth Registration

Face Recognition 

Automated System Parking

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